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Master the Art of Healthy Movement
Personal Training in Lexington, MA

Train one-on-one with Andrew Eppinger – America’s #1 highest rated personal trainer on Google. With our low-impact workouts, you can protect your back and safely overcome injuries. We offer elite amenities and individualized instruction at every step.


One Trainer, One Client

Invest in your health with a high-end, personalized training experience. Eppinger Fitness is a private facility, so you can move at your own pace and learn new skills without any distractions. We offer individual and partner sessions with certified trainers.

Our one-on-one approach guarantees the highest level of supervision and injury-conscious instruction. You will have exclusive access to the entire facility during your session, and your trainer will be the only other person on-site.

Back Safety Specialists

Hi, I’m Andrew Eppinger – the founder, owner, and head trainer at Eppinger Fitness. I was born with degenerative disc disease, which lead me to severely injure my lower back while lifting weights as a teenager. After steroid injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, and back surgery, I was finally able to get back in the gym and rebuild strength safely.

If you have back pain, you can’t afford to work with a trainer who doesn’t understand. Our staff has the personal experience and professional credentials to help you exercise safely. Together, we can monitor, rehabilitate, and prevent back injuries.

Central Location

Eppinger Fitness is located in historic Lexington, MA, just 30 minutes from Downtown Boston.

Free Drinks

Maximize your workout with freshly brewed coffee, seltzer water, sugar-free Gatorade, and healthy protein shakes to go.

Luxury Shower

Comfort is key. We offer a private changing room and shower with complimentary towel service.

Premium Equipment

Every machine, weight, and accessory was handpicked to promote back safety and stability.

COVID Safety

We have HEPA filters, masks, sanitizer, and self-cleaning tape. Plus, all staff and clients are fully vaccinated and boostered.

Start Today

Bring your body back into balance with precise, low-impact workouts. We enjoy working with clients of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve mobility, rehabilitate an injury, or increase strength, we never compromise on safety.