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Personal Trainer Lexington MA 02420
Personal Trainer Lexington MA 02420
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Eppinger Fitness is a private personal training studio located in Lexington, MA. We offer one-on-one personal training and partner training for two people.  The entire facility is run by Andrew Eppinger, the owner, and founder, a certified personal trainer for 12+ years.

Unfortunately, gyms in Lexington have closed post-COVID, only small private gyms like us are left. We take COVID very seriously and provide everything you need to stay safe.

Masks are required and provided, temperature checks at the door, HEPA filters, and nanoseptic self-cleaning tape are strategically placed around the facility to keep you safe. Also, we are happy to say, all of our staff are vaccinated, and 100% of clients.

As of now Lexington requires masks indoors.

Personal Trainer Lexington MA 02420