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Business Development Coaching

Business development training for personal trainers is a type of professional development program that helps personal trainers improve their skills in areas such as marketing, sales, and customer service. This training can help personal trainers attract more clients, retain existing clients, and ultimately grow their businesses. Some common topics covered in business development training for personal trainers include identifying and targeting potential clients, developing effective marketing strategies, building and maintaining relationships with clients, and pricing and packaging services. In addition, personal trainers may learn how to use social media and other online tools to promote their businesses and engage with potential clients. Overall, business development training can provide personal trainers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's competitive fitness industry.

Let’s talk about what you should focus on and what’s not worth your time. Google AdWords? Facebooks marketing? 30-minute sessions? Competitor analyses? Website optimization? Client retention rate? There are no bad questions. Let’s talk, and I guarantee you’ll learn something.


Business Marketing

Learn how SEO works, master Google ads or Facebook ads, organic search result placement, 3 pack placement, and more...

High-End Service

Learn how to maximize value and provide the best service anyone can offer.

Sales Psychology

Understand why people want to be around you and how to close sales as a result.

Business Planning

Set a 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year business plan… then stick to it!


Rank Keywords

Learn how to rank each keyword you’re targeting and stop wasting money on ineffective ads.

Measure Competition

Local search grids allow you to see how you compare to your local competition.

Organic Search Rank

Your GMB profile isn’t everything – organic search results allow you to rank for free.


A local search grid is the best metric to see how your local business is performing, and it’s an amazing way to evaluate search from your customer’s perspective. Get a list of how your business is performing in certain areas and design an action plan to address your failures. Google’s algorithms are heavily skewed based on your location, so test searching from your own business location doesn’t provide an accurate picture.

I’ll help you learn how to run a successful personal training business in 2023.

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