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Crossfit Can Be Dangerous

Our Anti-Crossfit Philosophy

Crossfit is an injury factory with a higher number of lifelong injuries than any other physical activity. Most of the time, it’s not the individual’s fault. The average person is much less fit and less prepared to start a physical activity program than when CrossFit was founded 20 years ago.

Most people spend too long sitting in chairs and working on computers, which puts the spine in an unnatural position. These issues and weaknesses must be addressed before attempting any strenuous exercise, much less the hardcore intensity of a CrossFit class.

Our logical approach proves that clients should step back and start with exercises that fit their body in that moment. No two people are the same, so fitness programs shouldn’t be either.

Did you know that nationally certified personal trainers are required to study for a minimum of six months? CrossFit instructors can be certified in two days and there aren’t any prerequisites. That’s simply not enough time to qualify someone to safely instruct a class full of people lifting as much weight as possible.

There is a consensus among qualified fitness professional that CrossFit does more harm than good.

The CrossFit workout itself is flawed. An intelligently designed circuit training plan would isolate muscle groups and give them time to reset before working them again. One muscle group moves while the other one rests, and there should be no overlap between exercises. However, CrossFit frequently instructs members to do a set of deadlifts followed by a set of squats. In this example, you will wear out your lower back during the deadlifts and then add additional strain during the compound squats. Even if you perform the motion flawlessly, this weakness adds a huge risk of injury.

Plus, everything is instructed to be performed as heavy and fast as possible. The level of randomness and intensity is extremely dangerous.

Even if you are in peak fitness, it’s not safe or effective to push your body with high-intensity workouts every day. Even if you use low weight at maximum intensity, it’s too much for someone who is just starting out. The stabilization phase is essential for building core strength and correcting muscle imbalances, not just practicing new forms.

Anyone who has been inside a CrossFit gym will tell you firsthand about injuries and pain. It’s high risk for high reward.

Crossfit Can Be Harmful
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