Crossfit Can Be Dangerous

Our Anti-Crossfit Philosophy

Crossfit is an injury factory. The number of people getting lifelong injuries that require surgery is higher in Crossfit than in any other physical activity. There are a number of reasons why this is the case and not all of them are the individual’s fault.  One reason is the average person today is much less fit to start a physical activity program than 50 years ago.

People these days spend too long sitting in chairs and working on computers. This puts the spine in an unnatural position and subsequently that should be addressed before attempting any strenuous exercise, let alone the hardcore intensity of Crossfit. Taking a logical approach, you should step back and look at your own individual body and see where you're starting.  No two people are the same so no two fitness programs should be the same. With that in mind there is a group consensus among qualified fitness professionals that Crossfit does more harm than good for the fitness community.
The national certification process to become a personal trainer requires a minimum of six months of study and still has been criticized as not being rigorous enough.  Yet it requires only two days to become a certified Crossfit instructor.
How is that enough to qualify someone to instruct a class full of people lifting as much weight as possible?  That's right, it only takes two days and $1,000 to be a Crossfit instructor.  There are zero pre-requisites and you only have to be 18 years old.  Not only that, after completing the basic one weekend certification you can open your own Crossfit gym!

Additionally, the workout designed for Crossfit is flawed. An intelligently designed workout plan that involves circuit training takes into account which muscle groups are worked and gives them time to rest before working them again. A basic example would be doing a set of pull-ups then a set a push-ups, then again pull-ups followed by push-ups. This is a very simple concept where one set of muscle groups is working while another set is resting, then moving on to the next exercise where the opposite is happening subsequently letting the other muscle group work and other one rest. No overlapping muscle groups between the two exercises. Now with Crossfit, they will very likely make you do a set of deadlifts followed by a set of squats. This is a huge problem because when you do your set of squats your lower back is already worn out from the deadlifts and all of the sudden your lower back is the weakest link in the compound squat exercise. When that happens it's extremely easy for you to hurt your lower back even if you're doing the motion flawlessly. Plus to top it all off they're making you do this all as heavy and fast as possible. Even people with the most basic personal training certification know to avoid problems like this. But Crossfit seems to take random exercises drawn out of a hat and make you do them as fast as possible.

The number one thing wrong with Crossfit is the fact that every workout is high intensity. A well rounded fitness program uses high intensity, but not every set every day faster and faster. Even someone in tip-top shape shouldn't be pushing their body with high intensity workouts every time. To make it worse, Crossfit takes regular people and throws them into this kind of intensity without any regard for where they are starting. In their mindset, if you're just starting out, do less weight but the same intensity, when in reality even that is too much. A person starting exercise for the first time needs to spend time in the stabilization phase. Time for them to build their stabilizing muscle fibers and to build core strength and correct muscle imbalances, not just practice forms.

Ask anyone you from any Crossfit gym and they will tell you stories of other people they know personally who got hurt while doing Crossfit. The best way I can describe it is high risk, high reward.  It might get you in shape the fastest way possible, but it is definitely the most dangerous.

Crossfit Can Be Harmful