Complimentary T-Shirts for Clients

Perks of Personal Training

In addition to free t-shirts, there are plenty of free perks of working with a personal trainer.

Eppinger Fitness Free Drinks
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Free Drinks at Eppinger Fitness

Free Drinks

All Day Every Day

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Eppinger Fitness Scheduling Software

Easy to Use

Scheduling Software

Eppinger Fitness Scheduling Software Con
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Eppinger Fitness Towels.HEIC

Annual Scotch + Beer Events

On-Hold for COVID

Fitness Party

Brian and Andrew

Eppinger Fitness Party

Paul Shoesmith speaking german with Brian Moll

Eppinger Fitness Clients

Clients gather at the annual Eppinger Fitness party.

Scotch Party

Andrew Eppinger pours scotch

Party Food

Two clients enjoy party food

The Eppinger Collection

A book containing the scotch collection master list

First Annual Eppinger Fitness Party

The first year annual scotch event in 2016.

Have A Scotch

Andrew Eppinger passes a scotch off to Mike

Master Whiskey Guy

Andrew lectures his clients bout the importance of whiskey

Marina and Curtis

Marina and Curtis in the Kitchen at the Eppinger Fitness Party

Andrew Talks More About Scotch

Andrew Talks to Amber About How She is Missing All The Fun.

Rare Scotch

A Rare Bottle of Scotch

Amy and Her Mother

Amy and Her Mother at the 3rd Annual Eppinger Fitness Event

Personal Training Clients Learn Whiskey

People Gather Around While Andrew Talks More About His Collection

Close Up of Scotch

A Close Up of Scotch Being Poured

Andrew Eppinger Lecturing

Andrew Talks about Scotch at The Event

The Whiskey Collection

An Assortment of Bottles at the Eppinger Fitness Annual Whiskey Tasting.

Mini Scotch Bottles

A Close Up of Whiskey Bottles at The Eppinger Household

Rare Bourbon Collection

A few of the BTC and ORVW Bottles at Eppinger Fitness

Hanscom Crew

The Hanscom AFB Clients Talk at the Eppinger Fitness Tasting Event.