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Personal Training

Personal Training in Lexington, MA

At Eppinger Fitness, we believe in safety over showmanship. Most gyms and trainers offer large classes with high-intensity exercises and a one-size-fits-all approach, but we do things differently.


Low-Impact Workouts

Let’s break down the steps and focus on precision. Every workout is customized to match your experience, goals, and mobility. Our personal trainers plan detail-oriented exercise regimens that increase strength and stability over time.

Of course, if your body is capable of mastering complex motions and high-impact exercises, we’ll explore that together. No two people are the same, so workouts shouldn’t be either.

We Are Back Injury Specialists

Andrew was born with degenerative disc disease injury, and he sustained severe nerve damage from a weightlifting injury. After invasive treatments and surgery, he discovered the power of core strength and functional movement.

Our personal trainers are certified with a deep understanding of anatomy, so we can guide you through healthy movements that promote long-term mobility. Your injury does not define you, but it does limit you. We’ll handpick safe movements and guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone else be present during my personal training session?

No, our training sessions are truly private. You will receive one-on-one instruction from your trainer, and the facility is all yours. If you choose to bring a guest, we can accommodate 2 on one. A family member may also attend your session for free and use the cardio equipment in the back.

Do you do virtual training?

Yes! I train people from all over the country via facetime. We can do your first session with any equipment you have available, and I can give you a list of $300 of equipment to buy that will be all we need going forward.

Do you accept health insurance?

We don’t accept insurance, but we are a medical facility, so you can pay with a health savings account or flex spending if you have a doctor’s note.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! We offer simple, flat-rate pricing without any contracts or commitments. Plus, everything in the studio is free, including your first t-shirt, coffee, water, protein shakes, and towel service.

Will I always work with the same trainer?

Yes. We care deeply about your progress and will never pass you off to another trainer.

What if I have a severe injury?

Over the past 12 years, Andrew has only seen one person with a worse back than his. We can accommodate any injury and design isolated flexibility programs for rehabilitation.

How can I book a personal training session?

For the initial free session, you can sign up using this form here. After that, we will agree on a regular time slot(s) that work for you each week. 

What if I travel a lot? I am not sure I can commit to a timeslot.

We have an online booking software that updates in real-time where you can browse our cancellations and reschedule if you have a meeting or traveling for work. As long as you maintain 51% attendance, you can keep your regular time slot.

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