Personal Training

If you look around at other gyms or fitness websites you will see pictures of people doing all sorts of high-intensity exercises.

Running  - Jumping - Powerlifting - Burpees

These are the exact opposite of what we are about here. 

Every exercise is low-impact and carefully selected to prevent injury to better suit a population of people whose bodies are not prepared or designed to jump into high-intensity programs. 

If you sit all day and haven't been to a gym in over a year there is no way your body is ready to perform complex motions. We start each and every person in the stability phase and work upwards.

If you are physically able, we will do high-impact exercises but we will never force it on you.

Gym Equipments

Completely private facility

When you train at Eppinger Fitness, you will be the only person on-site with the trainer.

Customized workout Plans

No two people are the same, and no two workouts should be the same.

Any Body type

Any Injury

We have worked with over a thousand people over the years and have seen it all.

Pay as you go

We have no contracts or commitments of any kind. Training is the same price if you stay for one week or ten years.

Gym Equipments

We will never

Pawn you off to another trainer

Once you start working with your trainer you aways work with that trainer.

We will never

Try to pair you up with another client

Your session is private and always will be.

We will never

try to up-sell you anything

Everything in the facility is free, from t-shirts to protein shakes.

We will never

Make you do high-impact workouts

We specialize in low-impact training. Safety and proper body mechanics are our top priority.

Gym Equipments
Gym Equipments