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Personal Training
With Back Pain

Hi, I’m Andrew Eppinger – the founder, owner, and head trainer at Eppinger Fitness. I was born with degenerative disc disease, and that, unfortunately, lead me to severely injure my lower back while lifting weights as a teenager. After steroid injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, and back surgery, I was finally able to get back in the gym and rebuild strength safely.

Having a qualified personal trainer that understands back injuries is important for several reasons. First, a personal trainer with this knowledge can help design a safe and effective workout plan that takes into account any limitations or restrictions caused by the back injury. This can help prevent further injury and ensure that the individual can exercise safely and effectively.

Second, a qualified personal trainer can provide guidance and instruction on proper form and technique for exercises, which is crucial for avoiding injury and achieving the best possible results. This is especially important for individuals with back injuries, as using improper form during exercises can exacerbate existing back pain or cause new injuries.

Third, a personal trainer with knowledge of back injuries can provide education and support on how to manage and reduce pain, as well as how to properly stretch and strengthen the back muscles to promote healing and prevent future injuries. This can be an invaluable resource for individuals with back injuries, as it can help them recover more quickly and live a more active and pain-free life.

Overall, having a qualified personal trainer who understands back injuries can help individuals exercise safely, achieve their fitness goals, and manage pain and discomfort related to their injury.

Protect and Rehabilitate:

Herniated discs

Spinal stenosis


Spinal fusions


Knee injuries

And more

Posture Correction

Learn how to engage your core, activate your glutes, and rotate your hips for safer, more effective exercise.

Core Strength

Create an internal counterbalance with targeted exercises that can safely reduce back pain over time. Most importantly, learn how to modify abdominal exercises to take pressure off your back, and build muscle safely.

Isolated Flexibility

Pain often leads to tightness, which can cause crooked posture. Let’s slowly and systematically increase mobility.

An Integrated Approach

We believe that movement is the best medicine, and we are a medical facility with certified trainers on staff. If your physician provides a doctor’s note, we can accept payments through your insurance’s flex spending account.

Pilates Equipment
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